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Youth Groups

A Shabbat Message from Rivkah Halpert

Fifth Avenue Synagogue has a dynamic youth program that meets on Shabbat and Jewish Holidays!



Youth Group Leadership

Rivkah Halpert - Director, Junior Congregation (ages 4 & under),

Rivkah Halpert is the Junior Congregation Director for ages 1-4. Join us every Shabbat and Holiday. The children are introduced to basic teffilot and alef-bet, food, games , activities and fun!


Yosef Itzkowitz - Director, Youth Group (ages 5+),

Introducing, Yosef Itzkowitz, the new program director of youth groups, ages 5+. He has ample experience with Jewish youth through being one in the past, and two years plus work with NCSY as a mentor and leader. In addition, he spent two years as a veteran counselor in Camp Hasc and worked as a Paraproffesional in Jewish High school. At the moment, Yosef studies art at the The School of Visual Arts and is even a published author. Yosef plays guitar, wide receiver and has even been attacked by a 5 foot shark…sort of (ask him about it). Yosef plans to bring excitement and creativity to groups this year. His main objective is to insure that all are happy to come to shul, and of course, happy to be a Jew. 

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783